Far More Than A Place

By Mary Thigpin Batson and Gina Hurst Buchanan

What Is Palmetto Bible Camp…

Palmetto BIBLE Camp is far more than a place It is a love that deeply motivates and is

explained by one that was a camper, now staff and Chairperson of PALS. Gina Hurst Buchanan paints a beautiful word picture. This is shared “in part” so read and enjoy this word picture of PBC.

“I have love for PBC, it is in the quietness and laughter, the joy and the sadness, the climb to the mountain , the beauty of the chapel , it is music that is found around the campfire, Acappella, where ever voice is heard, it is the joy of being a Christian, with family and friends, it is like ‘heaven right here on earth.”

All this and more was brought into being. May 16,1966 the Charter of Incorporation was documented and recorded by the state of South Carolina and PBC HAD IT’S START !

These ten men Rhoden Presnell, Ralph Richardson, Ernest Thigpen, Carl Lancaster, Gene Lindsey, W G Gantt, C R Franks, Richard Beasley, Jerry Senn, and Harold Simmons had the responsibility and privilege to be our founding fathers. They prayed, planned, purposed, and produced Palmetto Bible Camp .On May 28, 1966 the first board meeting came together and by-laws were presented and approved. These same by-laws govern the camp today, The board continued to talk, pray, support and work.

For 50 years “ like men” have served and supported this grand endeavor. From these men have come the Weekly Camp Directors. These men have recruited, organizes, produced the weeks of camp. Hundreds , then thousands have come to learn and love camp. First at King’s Mountain, State Park then Cheraw Stare Park, and Camp Hide-Away.

In 1970 a blessed opportunity came. Camp Hide-Away was for sale.. The price was far beyond the ability of the board. This did not deter these faithful men. They went forth taxing their personal resources, some borrowed, some mortgaged their home, some secured money from congregations and families. The down payment was raised and the mortgage signed and camp became a burden and a blessing. Some how these and many more folks struggled and sacrificed and the original mortgage was paid .Bonds were sold for the needed buildings and improvements. Again the board rose to the demands as they have until this very day with the enormous cost of the repairs to the dam so the lake will be saved.

Now camp becomes the responsibility of the younger generation with all the blessings and burdens that come with this “ jewel “ that set in these acres of land and lake. May they be faithful to this calling. This will require for you to stand up and be faithful to your calling and to preserve for those that follow all that Palmetto Bible Camp has been and will continue to be. THIS IS YOUR TIME AND YOUR CALLING…BE FAITHFUL !