Second Week at Palmetto Bible Camp is a great opportunity for youth to learn about the Bible in a scriptural, fun, and safe environment. At Second Week, you can expect the following:

    • Daily Bible classes that focus on teaching biblical accuracy to prepare youth to learn about salvation and being a Christian.
    • Daily activities that provide fun, excitement, and healthy competition.
    •  Nightly gathering that included singing, prayer, and a lesson from God’s Word.
    • Each camper receives an agenda and class workbook to study more from each Bible class.
    • A beautiful hike to Falls Creek Falls
  • All involved get an opportunity to fellowship with one another.
At Second Week, we make it a priority to put God and His Word first. All camp counselors must be members of the Lord’s Church. All teachers must submit lessons before camp to insure that the lessons being taught are biblically accurate. For more information about Second Week, please feel free to contact Scott Taylor, director, at
Also, please visit our Facebook page (linked below) for pictures of past years!

With it being 2020, our theme will be 20/20 Vision: Seeing What Truly Matters. Our studies will focus on the Hebrew writer’s encouragement to “…keep our eyes fixed on Jesus…” and what that entails. Our activities will focus, as always, on having as much fun as you can safely pack into a week in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  

 Register Now 2nd Week- Director: Scott Taylor/ June 19th- June 25th(Ages 9-18)