Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the Palmetto Auxiliary Ladies (PALS) Page!

It has been a blast to be a part of such a creative, fun loving and hardworking group of women who share such a profound love for our Creator and for Palmetto Bible Camp! PALS has  more than three decades long tradition of providing support for the PBC Board of Directors and Palmetto Bible Camp.

Through private donations and fundraisers, such as the Annual Fall Singing and BBQ, PALS has been honored to sponsor such projects as providing rocking chairs for the staff cabin, creating a fun filled Pre-Camper playground, a beautiful flower garden full of perennials to enhance the setting in front of Richardson Hall, installing permanent seating in the bonfire area at the lake, and making hand made privacy/curtain screens in the cabins and in our dining hall.

Our beautiful and talented ladies of PALS proudly invite all women young and young at heart to join us as we continue to support our beloved Palmetto Bible Camp.

Gina Hurst Buchanan (Former PALS President)

PALS will be in a rebuilding phase over the next few months, if you are interested in being a part of this wonderful group of ladies, or would like more information on how you can get involved with PALS, please contact:

Victoria Hughes via FB, email ( or call/text 803-747-0684

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Flower Bed Kitchen    Flower Bed Kitchen1    Shrubbery Staff Cabin

Pre-Camper Playground                           Pre-Camper Playground1                    Rocking Chairs Staff Cabin